Instructions to Download a Lesson for Offline Viewing

Lessons may be downloaded to your computer for offline viewing. If you want only to view the video, you can just click the link below (under Step 1) to download the video file. If you want to view the lesson with subtitles and with the interactive transcript, then you need to follow the detailed instructions below.

STEP 1. Download the two required files.


  • If the video plays instead of downloading when you click the link, try right-clicking on the link and choose "Save target as…" or "Save link as…" to get the file to download to your computer.
  • The video files are large (on the order of 200 mb), so downloading can take awhile; exercise patience!

STEP 2. Unzip the zip file to a folder.

  • On a Macintosh, simply double-clicking the zip file will unpack it into a folder. On a PC, you will need to download and install software for un-zipping a zip file, unless you already have such software. (, for example, has a free program that will unzip a file.)

STEP 3. Drag the video file into the folder you created in Step 2.

  • All files - those that came from the zip archive and the video file - must end up in the same folder.

STEP 4. Set your Flash security settings.

  • To do this, click here to change your Adobe Flash Security Settings (see picture).
  • Go to Global Security Settings (the tab with a picture of a lock).
  • In the lower right, click Add Location, then Browse Folders to add the folder with your lesson(s) folders to the list of “Always Trusted Locations.”
  • *Note: for offline viewing to work properly, the folder with the offline files must be listed as an "Always Trusted" location in your Flash security settings. If you download more than one lesson, each folder must be listed separately. Or, if you put all of your lesson folders in a single folder (named, e.g., "Offline Lessons") you can just list that folder as "Always Trusted." This might be more convenient if you plan to use multiple lessons offline.

STEP 5. Open the offline lesson.

  • Open the folder that includes all the files you have downloaded.
  • Open the file called start.html in your browser.
  • The offline lesson should open in your browser.