This eighth-grade science lesson is about fingerprints. Specifically, it focuses on making fingerprints on different surfaces. It is the ninth lesson in a sequence of 20 lessons on forensic science. The lesson is 44 minutes in duration. There are 28 students in the class.

00:00:15Okay. Now let's just look at where we're at. Yesterday you know very well what we did. Okay, Liam, how about you telling me what we did- what we finished off doing yesterday.
00:00:25Um yesterday we were examining the hairs, but today we prepared- oh-
00:00:32Keep going.
00:00:33And we were doing, last lesson we were studying the layers of paint.
00:00:39Different colors and pigments.
00:00:41And so what did you learn- what did you learn from that? Karen.
00:00:45I don't know- colors?
00:00:49Lots of different colors.
00:00:51Oh, okay, fine. Lots of different colours. All right. Do you agree Daniel?
00:00:56Yes, I agree.
00:00:58Okay. Stop being so formal by the way.
00:01:01Okay, so yesterday you had the microscope. You looked at the paint chips.
00:01:08The previous day you looked at the hairs under the microscope and you looked at the different fibers.
00:01:12Okay, but yesterday's class went very well because you in fact- all of you were able to get very, very good microscope shots of the different layers of paint.
00:01:23Today, as I- I talked to you yesterday, we are going to do an activity on fingerprinting. All right.
00:01:28Um, fingerprinting, it's actually contained in the- in this- in this book here that both Mr. Hathaway and Ms. Moller are co-authors of.
00:01:37Um, the pages, we start on page er, page 14 and er, page- I'd better get the page right, haven't I.
00:01:44Page 14 on fingerprints. What we're going to do, we're going to do a couple of activities.
00:01:50We're going to do- you're going to make fingerprints, you're actually going to take your own fingerprints.
00:01:55You are going to examine those fingerprints under a hand lens.
00:02:00You'll actually then put them in your book, so you've got a permanent record in your own science book of your own fingerprints.
00:02:07Ah, there's soap and towels up the back there so you can wash your hands after doing that. There are some questions. I don't know if you'll have time to answer those questions today.
00:02:17Um, the next activity- we've got a fair bit to do. The second one will be dusting for fingerprints.
00:02:23Okay? Now, in that we've got a whole series of different surfaces. They're up behind Liam and Allison there.
00:02:31There are different surfaces. If you just turn around this way for a moment please. The paper here is to stop getting ah, all the powder on the desk.
00:02:43There are different surfaces. You've got these porcelain, a nice hard porcelain surface that you can put a print on.
00:02:53Um, you've got paper, you can do a print with paper. You can do a print- put a print on this.
00:03:00Now, the point is that once- once you touch something, what- what happens when you ah, when you touch something?
00:03:05Puts a fingerprint on it.
00:03:06//Sorry, Ally?
00:03:06//Puts a fingerprint on it.
00:03:08Okay. Why does it leave a fingerprint on it, Ally?
00:03:11Sweat? Oil? Everything?
00:03:16Grease. Sorry, Adam.
00:03:19No, nothing. I was just.
00:03:20Okay. That's all right. You can say it.
00:03:24All right, so, you leave grease and that- oi- oils behind. And therefore, what we're going to do is try to get something to stick to those oils to make it visible.
00:03:35Well, we've got two types of ah powder.
00:03:37We've got talcum powder there, like a salt shaker really. And we've also got carbon powder there. We've also got some brushes.
00:03:48Why would we use the ah- why would I have- why would I have two different sorts of powder? Samuel?
00:03:54The difference is-
00:03:55To see what the difference is.
00:03:58Yeah. Just give me some more-
00:04:00For different surfaces.
00:04:01Okay. So for this for example, what am I going to use on this if I wanted to see the print?
00:04:06Yeah, exactly. So to do with the- the contrast.
00:04:10And then when you've done that, hopefully that'll- you've got a brush there so you can- you can brush it very gently.
00:04:15When you um- when you've done that, what you can then finally do, once you've got the print, once you've got a reasonable copy of the print-
00:04:23You can take the sticky tape, put it over the print, over the surface, put the sticky tape over it, then when you lift off the sticky tape what should happen?
00:04:31The print should come with it.
00:04:33The print should come with it and you can ah, stick that into your book. Okay.
00:04:36Now, um, I want to do one other thing, I want to show you another technique that I don't want you to do, but in fact this one here is, if I've got a rough surface.
00:04:50And for example- um, a piece of rough paper, what I'm going to do here is I'm going to put a print on it like that, okay.
00:05:01Now, that's a rough surface. It's not easy to get a print on it. I'm going to show you another technique. I'm going to put this in here.
00:05:14I'm now going to go over to the fume wood because I'm going- I'm using a compound, a chemical iodine.
00:05:24And... its vapours are a little bit ah unpleasant, so that's why I'm putting it in here.
00:05:32I'm just putting a couple of things of iodine in there. Iodine is a solid, but just like dry ice, what did dry ice do when it ah?
00:05:42It melted.
00:05:43Did it melt?
00:05:46Oh, it went //away.
00:05:47It let off gases.
00:05:48It went straight from a solid to?
00:05:50Yeah. Iodine is exactly the same. It goes straight from a solid to a gas.
00:05:55And so, what I'm going to do- and as it turns into a gas, um, the iodine molecules will actually stick to the ah- the paper, and should make them ah visible.
00:06:07Anyway, we'll see by the end of the period. Okay.
00:06:10What I want you to do for just a- a couple of minutes is look over what we have to do- I know we looked over it a little bit yesterday.
00:06:17Look over what we have to do on, ah, pages 14 through to 17.
00:06:24Ah, sorry, 16. And ah, just for a moment, have a look over that then in a couple of minutes we'll actually get started on the activities. Okay.
00:06:36Don't read in detail, just- just overview it.
00:06:42You okay?
00:06:43Do you have to write anything up?
00:06:45Um, yeah, you'll need to put a heading in your book, Ron, yes. Ah, fingerprinting. Just under where we did the paint chips. Right. And Ron. Spit it in the bin please.
00:07:22What's wrong?
00:07:25I'm just laughing at Adam.
00:07:26Oh right.
00:07:26Can you read it for me?
00:07:30You read very well, Adam. Heh?
00:07:34Sir, (inaudible).
00:07:42Do you want us to write what you've got on the board?
00:07:44Ah, no, I don't want you to write what I've got on the board there. That's just for you to refer to.
00:07:51It's pretty bad!
00:07:53Do we just draw up a table like that?
00:07:56Do we draw up a table like that?
00:07:58No, I've already got the sheets for you here.
00:08:04Chuck, can I please borrow a pen?
00:08:07Haven't you even got a pen, Adam?
00:08:09I've lost my pencil case. Gary stole it.
00:08:17I don't think that's necessary, Gary.
00:08:19I'm sorry.
00:08:20I can't believe you came to class without a pen, Adam.
00:08:25Well, I've ah.
00:08:27It's not really a good way to go about your study is it?
00:08:30Heh. What's the problem?
00:08:32No, I just lost it. Like I-
00:08:35Two days ago. I had it (inaudible)-
00:08:38So you've been at school now for two days without a pen.
00:08:41Great. Absolutely great, Adam. Okay.
00:08:45Tony, have you got a pen with you today? Tony.
00:08:48(inaudible) sharpen it.
00:08:49Yeah, I do.
00:08:50Good. I'm so delighted. Okay.
00:08:55All right. Jerry.
00:08:57Just quickly tell us what we're going to do.
00:08:59Um put ah, get the ink and put our finger on it
00:09:05And then put our finger in the box that we draw up. The right one.
00:09:11And then examine them.
00:09:13Okay, examine them. Put them in your book? //Okay. They're the A4 sheets er- so you don't get your book all grubby. You can do it on these. They- that's what this is for over here.
00:09:22Ah, you'll have to be fairly efficient. That's the first bit. And then um, yep, Veronica, what are you going to do the second part of the experiment?
00:09:30Um, answer the questions.
00:09:35Yeah, and then the activity though.
00:09:37Dust it off.
00:09:39Dust it off.
00:09:41Okay, dust the? //Okay, Walter?
00:09:45Um, do we draw up a table on... the sheet?
00:09:48Yeah, you draw up a table on here is- is the way to do it. Okay. All right. Now listen. I've talked enough and you've- you've sat down long enough. Let's get on with this.
00:09:56You all know what to do. Get- get on with it. Do the prints first and then we'll go on to the dusting of the surfaces. Up to you now.
00:10:04How many can we work in?
00:10:05Ah, groups of two or three is fine.
00:10:12Stop acting, Mr. Brown.
00:10:14Oh, I hope I'm not acting.
00:10:15You're acting Mr. (inaudible).
00:10:16I think you are.
00:10:17Oh really.
00:10:18I think you are. You don't usually have everything all nice and prepared for class.
00:10:23Your comments are- have been recorded.
00:10:26Mr. Brown (inaudible) A4 sheet.
00:10:29That's a bit unfair Christine, I think you're doing me a harsh injustice.
00:10:34You know how you gave us the A4 sheet?
00:10:36Um, can we even just do it in our book anyway, or?
00:10:38Yes you can. Of course, yeah. It's just that sometimes it er-
00:10:42It smudges. That's all.
00:10:47How we going?
00:10:49I can't eat Minties.
00:10:50Oh you've got your ah railway tracks in, right.
00:10:54Does it hurt or not?
00:10:55Metal mouth.
00:10:55Yes, it kills.
00:10:56Yeah, I sent you an email.
00:10:57I sent you an email.
00:10:58How tight is it?
00:11:00How tight is it?
00:11:01I don't know how tight because it's the first time, so I don't know how tight they're meant to be. But it really hurts.
00:11:08Yeah because they're- they're meant to move them in position. Okay, Ron, come on.
00:11:14Come on.
00:11:15Good. Okay.
00:11:16Come on.
00:11:18You okay, Maria?
00:11:21I'm not, I'm tired.
00:11:24Cause- cause this school starts too early and finishes too late.
00:11:27Did you go to the play last night did you?
00:11:28No, I'm going tonight.
00:11:29No, we're going tonight.
00:11:30Because I'm going to Perth tomorrow.
00:11:31Ah, good.
00:11:33I'm going to Perth tomorrow so I get to sleep in.
00:11:36Is there any more ink? Ink?
00:11:38Ah, oh there should be a whole heap of ink pads. There should be enough between- one ink pad between four people. Yeah, they're just there.
00:11:43It won't take a moment.
00:11:49Oh, and soap and towels over here if you need to wash your hands.
00:12:14You may want to- you may care to put on a coat by the way if you don't want to get any ah- don't want to get grubby.
00:12:21Excuse me, Mr. Brown, (Donald is being a ding-dong).
00:12:25Sorry? You were meant to draw up //a table first.
00:12:27//Look what he's got. He's put (inaudible) fingers everywhere.
00:12:28//Who did that. Yeah, there's plenty of paper over there, Gary.
00:12:29//Can I have another piece of paper.
00:12:32Do we have to draw up the table?
00:12:33Get- get me one too.
00:12:34Adam just did all this.
00:12:36Is that how we do it like that?
00:12:37Yeah. Yeah.
00:12:38Let me see your finger.
00:12:39The fingerprints work a little bit better if they're not quite so- so heavy. Don't put too much ink on your hands.
00:12:47Get a new microphone thing.
00:12:50Like that?
00:12:51Um well, yeah. That's probably a touch heavy. Just a little bit lighter. Maybe, if you'd use that again, the second time around it'll probably work okay.
00:13:02Mr. Brown, is this good?
00:13:05It's terrific, Ron. //That's actually good.
00:13:06//What about mine?
00:13:09Because I, I did (inaudible).
00:13:10Fine, perfect. A little, you know-
00:13:12//Give me five, Larry.
00:13:13Maybe a touch heavy, but that's good. All right.
00:13:17No. That's fantastic. Good. Not too heavy, that's all.
00:13:24Are you meant to just do one hand?
00:13:26No, you're meant to do both hands. Okay.
00:13:30I just figured mine was a bit too heavy.
00:13:32Yeah, um, yeah. Sometimes, if you put one on there to- to take a little bit off the second one. That's much better, yes. Yeah.
00:13:42Because if you were leaving fingerprints, you wouldn't normally leave ah, ones like that would you?
00:13:48We do like ones like this.
00:13:49Yeah, okay.
00:13:50Are you going to get annoyed at us if we muck around in front of the camera?
00:13:54No. It's a normal class.
00:13:57So (inaudible).
00:14:01Christine's already told me off, don't worry.
00:14:03Is that better?
00:14:04That's perfect. That's, yeah, that's much better. That shows it much more clearly.
00:14:09Mr. Brown.
00:14:11That's fantastic.
00:14:13(inaudible) right hand and then all the things (inaudible).
00:14:20Do we do both (hands)?
00:14:21It'll be the other way around won't it. The thumb, and then it'll be index. Middle.
00:14:36Remember when you do the right hand it goes in reverse order to the left hand, doesn't it.
00:14:40Nah, it doesn't.
00:14:41Oh well.
00:14:46Okay, not too heavy, Tony. Christine, how we going?
00:14:51Look at us (inaudible).
00:14:54That's good, yeah. Ron, you're actually now becoming annoying. Okay.
00:15:00Mr. Brown.
00:15:04Have you got (like turps or something)?
00:15:05Samuel, are you okay?
00:15:06Have you got (like turps or something)?
00:15:09It doesn't seem to come off.
00:15:10Ah, just check with Ms. Moller if she's got ah- wh- what are you saying it won't come off with soap?
00:15:16Oh, have you got soap?
00:15:17Yeah, soap's here.
00:15:17Oh Okay.
00:15:25Oh, just put your hands down in the sink.
00:15:36(inaudible) doing it right, Mr. Brown?
00:15:37Oh Ron?
00:15:38I didn't do that.
00:15:44You always blame me.
00:15:45It would really help me a great deal if you could leave the fingerprints on the paper and not on the desk surfaces.
00:15:51Adam. You dirty (inaudible).
00:15:55I might be looking for volunteers, Adam, at lunch time.
00:15:58Why did Christine tell you off?
00:16:01Oh you know what Christine's like.
00:16:03Yeah I know she (inaudible).
00:16:04She thinks it's her job to- to get me- make me a better teacher.
00:16:07That one was two blotches, so I did it again.
00:16:08Oh great, yeah that's good. Okay.
00:16:11Are they dark enough?
00:16:12I think they are actually, yeah. I think they're fine. They actually show the detail.
00:16:16Yeah. That's beautiful that one there, isn't it?
00:16:19That's- that- that one there is perfect because you can actually see the whirls, swirls.
00:16:24Is this right?
00:16:26Yes, terrific, Vicky. Yeah, beautiful. And see that one- that one's perfect. See that?
00:16:32See all the fine detail there. Great. You need to label it though, don't you?
00:16:36Are you okay with that? Good.
00:16:38I'm doing mine again because I didn't (inaudible)
00:16:41Okay. Right. It's actually better if it's not too heavy, isn't it.
00:16:48Yeah. See you can see the whirls.
00:16:52Oh yes, that's beautiful. That's really is perfect, isn't it. It's amazing to think that ah, it's fairly simple and yet no- they can identify people just from fingerprints.
00:17:04Stop being so stupid.
00:17:07Ron, you're so immature.
00:17:10Are you right, Tony?
00:17:11Can I start this, Mr. Brown?
00:17:13Thanks, Ron
00:17:14Yes, yes. Just keep working your way through, Arnold.
00:17:20Mr. Brown. Can you (inaudible) the second bit? I didn't understand it. Do you dust your own prints?
00:17:24Yes. You make a print.
00:17:27No, no, no. Do you- the ones that you've already made.
00:17:29Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, they-
00:17:30You make a second set.
00:17:31You make, yeah. //In other words-
00:17:32//Sorry, I-
00:17:33This is like you're a criminal and you've left a fingerprint. Right.
00:17:36So I don't-
00:17:36On the surface.
00:17:37So I don't need ink.
00:17:38Oh no, no, you don't, no you use the dust. The talcum-
00:17:41So I put dust on my fingers and //then-
00:17:42//Mr. Brown.
00:17:43No, no, no, no. No. No.
00:17:44Put my fingers down and then put the dust.
00:17:45//Do you have to do?
00:17:46//You just touch the surface.
00:17:48Right. And then, surely you won't see anything.
00:17:51So to try to make it visible you then use the- the dust. To see if it can-
00:17:55Then you put sticky tape on (inaudible).
00:17:56Yeah. Just like you're a- if you're a, if a police and you go into a room and ah- you want to find out what's happened.
00:18:04No, okay, you're not. Right.
00:18:05Do you do everybody's hands? Everybody's hands.
00:18:09No, we don't have to be. It would be nice if yours were in your own book, Gary. Right.
00:18:19Can I just have your attention for one moment please?
00:18:21Is it cl- is it clear to you all that in the second activity you don't use the ink?
00:18:27And I'd rather you didn't spray that talcum powder into the air, thank you. I really don't think you should be breathing that into your lungs. Thanks, Chuck. Okay, get on with it.
00:18:55And at some stage too, I'd like you to inspect the jar here just to see how the fingerprints that I left are slowly emerging from the iodine. Just have a look- sorry. What's wrong, Arnold?
00:19:08Um, (inaudible) barely at all.
00:19:12Oh right. Didn't, did it?
00:19:20You can see a little bit. Did you use the hand lens just to examine it?
00:19:25Just-just try it. It may not be that good. I would have thought that surface would be okay.
00:19:30Try a ah- a clear surface with either the talc or with the- the glass surface with either the talc or the ah carbon powder. Allison, are you okay?
00:19:42Fine. Good.
00:19:49Ron. Are you okay?
00:19:53Just do your tie up, too.
00:19:55I need to be, I need to be in the film.
00:19:56Yes, I know, but you need to do your tie up. You wouldn't normally look like that.//
00:19:58// Samuel's.
00:19:59Oh good.
00:20:01Looked, it turned out well.
00:20:02Where is it, Arnold, look that's Samuel's. Maybe you had ah-
00:20:08Can I see that one?
00:20:09Maybe you had washed your hands //fairly thoroughly.
00:20:10//Whose is this?
00:20:12No, that's mine.
00:20:12Is this Samuel's?
00:20:13It looks pretty good.
00:20:14Did you wash your hands?
00:20:15Did you do your fingerprints with the ah, //and wash your hands.
00:20:16//Mr. Brown.
00:20:18Oh, okay, right.
00:20:20But Arnold that's come out beautifully.
00:20:21So do I do mine sort of like that?
00:20:22Oh that's perfect, isn't it. Now can you sticky tape over that and lift that off?
00:20:26Look at mine, they're like little (inaudible).
00:20:28Mr. Brown, this one didn't come out at all.
00:20:31I don't reckon you've got any ah oils ah leaking out.
00:20:35Look at that, Mr. Brown Frown.
00:20:38Well that's worked okay. Look at that. Arnold.
00:20:42Blow it, blow it.
00:20:43Mr. Brown. I think I washed my hands too hard.
00:20:46Okay, let's just get most of this off now (inaudible).
00:20:51Um, Mr. Brown.
00:20:55That's not very- not very clear at all, is it? I'd- I'd try another one if I were you.
00:20:59Just get some paper. Clear it- clean it off, and try it with
00:21:02How many- how much do I put on it?
00:21:04Um just enough to, to cover it all. Okay. Doesn't matter if you put a bit too much on, and then just gently brush it across.
00:21:13So I go like.
00:21:14Well no, you've got those ah- the brushes there.
00:21:16What about (inaudible).
00:21:17No, if you brush it very lightly it won't. And if you brush too hard, yes it will.
00:21:21Mine didn't work //probably because I washed my hands.
00:21:22//It's perfect. Yeah, but then why did Ally's work so well?
00:21:27That's Ally's.
00:21:28My hands are probably oilier because I didn't wash them.
00:21:29That's Ally's, but I just-
00:21:31Now how did you do that this time, Arnold?
00:21:35Put a little bit of ink on it.
00:21:37Put a little bit of ink on it.
00:21:38Oh, you're cheating.
00:21:39I got it when I washed my hands. One, two, three, four.
00:21:42Oh yeah. //Yes.
00:21:44//And I washed my hands, so.
00:21:47Look, I'm Sherlock Holmes.
00:21:49That's perfect.
00:21:51Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown.
00:21:53I'm really disappointed in your attitude, Ron. Really. We talked about this yesterday and the day before, didn't we.
00:21:57No, potential.
00:21:59We talked about your maturity. Now just try and, now come on, get on with it. Ron, you really are- at the moment, you're a big disappointment to me.
00:22:10Mr. Brown, look at this one. This is my own personal (inaudible).
00:22:12You made a big fuss yesterday, because your dad was coming up to the school to talk with Ms. Riley. Right.
00:22:19Mr. Brown.
00:22:20Come on just calm down.
00:22:21Is that right?
00:22:26Oh yeah, yeah, that's right. Probably a little bit heavy, but that's right if you just dust off a little bit more, but you can certainly see the fingerprints there, can't you?
00:22:32And I think you- maybe if you, if you could tape over that and lift it off it might be fine.
00:22:35See the fingerprints.
00:22:36Ah, most of you are forgetting to put down paper so you don't make a mess of the benches. When you do the dusting, //put down the paper please.
00:22:44//Where do you stick it, where do you stick it so that?
00:22:46In your- in your book.
00:22:47I put it, yeah, no, but you're not going to see it are you?
00:22:48Oh aren't you? Okay, well then
00:22:49Well it's white on white.
00:22:51Oh, okay. Yes, you're right. So, I guess really the
00:22:55The carbon (inaudible) worked better.
00:22:56That's perfect. Yeah, that's great. Yeah.
00:22:58I guess for putting in your book you're right. The only thing Christine, hang on, no, no, we have got some black paper here Christine.
00:23:05Technically you could probably do that and then put that in your book.
00:23:09Oh, I'll just do it all on black paper.
00:23:13Um did yours work?
00:23:15Ah, it worked a little bit.
00:23:16It's Angela's cause I washed my //hands too thoroughly. (inaudible). But it didn't work on the sticky tape.
00:23:18//Gee, I recognise those prints. Seen them somewhere before.
00:23:25Oh good. Perfect. Yeah. You can see them quite clearly can't you.
00:23:30Okay. Anyway, try different surfaces please.
00:23:34Mr. Brown.
00:23:36I can't get the talcum carbon powder working on the plastic.
00:23:39I'm sorry.
00:23:40I can't get the um, (inaudible).
00:23:42No, well maybe it's not a good surface we're using. I- it's a while since I've done this. I would have thought it would be- a slightly rough surface, isn't it.
00:23:55Yeah try- just try another one, anyway, maybe another finger or something like that. But, I think it might work.
00:24:02Not working.
00:24:04The purple stuff does.
00:24:06This glass-
00:24:08Yeah, well glass should certainly work quite well with the black powder um. Please remember to put down paper, thank you.
00:24:19Jackie. Yep. Good. That's what the newspaper is for.
00:24:23Do I clean up with this?//
00:24:24//I thought it was for reading.
00:24:26Ah, no use- use ah.
00:24:28I think use paper towel for that ah, Steve.
00:24:37That video camera is cool, I want one.
00:24:47Take this powder. Can we have our powder back? (inaudible).
00:24:52I didn't steal it.
00:24:53Yes, you did.
00:24:55Tell me when to stop putting it on
00:24:58Stop. //Stop.
00:24:59//Should we wash these?
00:25:01I th- no, I think just clean them off with some paper towel, Annie. I think ah, they'll probably need cleaning ah, with detergent or something like that.
00:25:10I'll just check what Ms. Moller wants to do, but just rub them down with paper towel I think.
00:25:15Did they work okay or not? Did you use the... the um, sticky tape to get that?
00:25:23Remember. If you use the sticky tape to then put them in your book.
00:25:27Oh yeah, no we didn't. //We just-
00:25:29//Okay, next one you dust try to- try to the n- if- if it comes out okay, lift it off with sticky tape, put it in your book. Just to-
00:25:36Oh okay. Do it again.
00:25:37Okay. (inaudible) I think that's what- I believe that's what they do.
00:25:43Mr. Brown.
00:25:44When you get it on there.
00:25:47Put the sticky tape over the print. Peel it off and hopefully the print- the powder should now stay on the sticky tape.
00:25:55Ooh, Jared.
00:25:55The other one's straight up in there.
00:25:58The other one in there's (inaudible).
00:25:59Yeah I had a look.
00:26:00What did you see, Jared?
00:26:02It's just like brown (inaudible). On the other side it is.
00:26:05Yeah, oh touch it on both sides, actually, yeah. Okay.
00:26:11I'll get the sticky tape, Samuel.
00:26:18Yeah. Okay.
00:26:21All right.
00:26:22You can certainly see the-
00:26:23(Is this?)
00:26:25It's probably a bit too heavy. You'll need to dust it off a bit more than that, won't you. Is it coming out or not?
00:26:29On the white one it came out but on this it's not.
00:26:31It's not, okay. See that should be a good surface for getting finger prints on. Okay.
00:26:38Is there like a special technique?
00:26:40No, there's not. No. I think you're brushing a bit too heavily, that's all.
00:26:45Mr. Brown.
00:26:48No, I can't ah.
00:26:51No. What I suggest you do, it might be better if you actually do it on the upper surface because that means that any ah- er- other powder will actually go off. You with me?
00:27:03Try it again. Just brush it down with some tape and then whichever- whichever sort of part of you might be the- have the most grease on it.
00:27:11Okay. See if you can make a decent print.
00:27:13Mr. Brown. Look at this.
00:27:14Can I've a look? You're getting ah, a lot of a- that's good, that's very clear isn't it. If you put tape over that now, you should be able to put that in your book.
00:27:26It's glass too.
00:27:27Yeah, well glass is a good hard surface, isn't it. Nice and smooth.
00:27:34Oh good. Okay.
00:27:36(inaudible) that one.
00:27:37Yeah, now put tape over that ah, Tony, and ah, peel off and put it in your book please. (inaudible)?
00:27:47Ah, can I go to the toilet now please?
00:27:50Mr. Brennan, I mean, I mean, I mean, Brown. Look at that.
00:27:54What's that, Brad? Great, great. You need to go do you?
00:27:58Could //I stick this (inaudible) in my book?
00:27:59//Didn't you go this morning, Samuel. Okay, hurry up.
00:28:02This thing doesn't work, because,
00:28:04How do you rip it off with sticky tape?
00:28:05Which one. Not those.
00:28:07No the ones on there, like, see the ones that Chuck's got. That's already done, you just stick those in your book now.
00:28:12Oh okay.
00:28:13The ones there. If you want to get them off you peel them off.
00:28:15Oh yeah.
00:28:16Are you with me?
00:28:19All right. Adam, are you okay?
00:28:21Yeah. I did my fingerprint and everything.
00:28:23Good. Now have you done any on the hard surfaces and done any dusting, Adam?
00:28:27No. It might be worth your while having a crack at that. What did I say about paper down so you don't-
00:28:34I didn't do that.
00:28:35Oh you didn't.
00:28:36It was here.
00:28:39So you can clean up the benches there.
00:28:40I put talcum paper onto this, I think this one. And then I put it-
00:28:46I put that on that, and it sort of worked here, sort of did.
00:28:48Then I put that on there and then there //there
00:28:49//Not visible.
00:28:50It didn't really work.
00:28:51No, okay. No, that's fine.
00:28:52Should I do another one?
00:28:53I think, I think maybe the only ones that'll work //will be the-
00:28:55I just washed my hands and I mean I-
00:28:56Okay. The glass one with the black powder, the carbon powder, might be the best one for //that to put in your book.
00:29:02//I did I think, oh no I didn't.
00:29:04Okay. Has anyone been able to lift prints off with the sticky tape?
00:29:10Not very well.
00:29:11Not very well.
00:29:12Here's some.
00:29:13Here, here.
00:29:16So can I- do I have to do it again?
00:29:19Certainly looks like it to me. Not very clear though is it?
00:29:22Okay. Just try- maybe try on the upper surface that might ah- that might also be okay.
00:29:29On that one?
00:29:38Do I have to do that experiment again because it didn't really work.
00:29:40Yeah, of course. Plenty of time. It won't take a moment.
00:29:46I'd like you all to get at least one fingerprint lifted off so you can put that in your book please.
00:29:52I washed my hands, that's why. So it didn't work.
00:29:54Oh. With the sticky tape with the- with the- the black powder on say the ah-
00:30:00We've done all of them and none of them have worked for me.
00:30:03Oh, okay.
00:30:04None of the black stuff has worked.
00:30:05None has worked.
00:30:07Only the white.
00:30:08Has anyone got the carbon powder working or not?
00:30:11What this brown- this black stuff?
00:30:12Give us a look. Did that work? Yeah.
00:30:16Not really.
00:30:17You can kind of see it.
00:30:18Yeah, I can, but can you lift that off with sticky tape is what I want to know.
00:30:25Mr. Brown, I need a new powder.
00:30:27Oh, Arnold. What have you got so much powder there for?
00:30:34No, the idea is to dust very lightly. If you make it too heavy ah, you won't be able to clean it.
00:30:40(inaudible) on the sticky tape.
00:30:41Oh good.
00:30:43No, like I put the print on the sticky tape.
00:30:45Oh right. I don't think that'll work actually in ah, the criminal ju- justice system will it?
00:30:51Why not?
00:30:53Do you think the criminals are going to go around putting their prints on sticky tape for you? Get out of here. What do you think? I can't see it.
00:31:05There is one.
00:31:06It's cheating, Jackie.
00:31:11Mr. Brown.
00:31:14Mr. Brown, can we pack up.
00:31:16You see it?
00:31:17It's not time yet.
00:31:18What are you doing Mr. Brown (inaudible).
00:31:21I can see it.
00:31:22No. I can't.
00:31:23I can.
00:31:25Show me. Oh that's- you shouldn't have that glass slide, it's broken isn't it.
00:31:33The black stuff doesn't work here.
00:31:35Oh yuck. Okay, I can see it, but- it doesn't seem quite clear enough, does it?
00:31:41It didn't work, yeah, (inaudible).
00:31:42Something //well I don't really have anything.
00:31:43//You wouldn't be able to tell.
00:31:46It doesn't really work.
00:31:47Oh right. You can actually see it there, at a particular angle, but it's- it's certainly not
00:31:53Shall I tape it? Try taping it?
00:31:55Well- well only tape it if it'll come off properly.
00:31:57Do you just put your finger on like that and then pull the black stuff off.
00:31:59(inaudible) yeah, sort of.
00:32:03Yeah, and now I just go.
00:32:08And, yeah, just- just sprinkle over it and just- just lightly. Hopefully the- the, the carbon powder will stick to the oils that you leave behind. Unfortunately we-
00:32:21So every time you touch something it
00:32:24And then you brush it.
00:32:26Every time you touch something with your fingers it leaves oil.
00:32:29And then you brush it.
00:32:31Yeah, just brush it very lightly though. Oh good, Christine.
00:32:34One, two, three.
00:32:35That's okay.
00:32:36It's all right.
00:32:37Yeah. It's okay. Yeah. Obviously we need to er, //research this a little bit better.
00:32:42(inaudible) on the sticky tape.
00:32:45I know that but I mean criminals aren't going to come and put-
00:32:48Yeah, no but you cover your benches with, you know, sticky tape.
00:32:52So that's an effective system is it? Have sticky tape over all your benches.
00:32:57Oh that's good. Yeah.
00:32:59Stick it in my book?
00:33:00//Yes please.
00:33:01//Mr. Brown.
00:33:02What do- um, with the white powder I can't open the lid because I've got a sore hand.
00:33:05Not meant to open the lid because it's a- it's got the holes in it like a salt shaker.
00:33:10Oh, Ron, Ron.
00:33:12Mr. Brown, I did it.
00:33:14Oh great, that's perfect. That's perfect. Now whether you can tape that and put it on some black paper and then put it in your book might be the way to go.
00:33:22(That time it) didn't work.
00:33:23Kind of didn't work. //You can actually see it in that.
00:33:25//(inaudible) the other ones.
00:33:27Oh okay, yeah, //it's not bad.
00:33:28//(inaudible) on it.
00:33:31Good, good.
00:33:32Mr. Brown.
00:33:34Yeah, see if you can lift that with some-
00:33:36Mr. Brown.
00:33:37I put this on white.
00:33:40That's good. Oh that's a black one.
00:33:43That's beautiful. Yeah, good.
00:33:44(inaudible) paper.
00:33:45Mr. Brown.
00:33:47Mine didn't work.
00:33:48Didn't work.
00:33:50It did a little bit.
00:33:52I can't see, yeah. It's obviously not a good surface for lifting prints. Obviously we need a harder surface like glass or something like that.
00:34:00Okay. Maybe the ah porcelain tile might have been better, that-
00:34:03Mr. Brown.
00:34:04Okay, with the-
00:34:06Do we need to clean these?
00:34:08Oh just wipe them down with paper ah towel please.
00:34:10Do we wash this? Do I wash it with water or paper towel?
00:34:14Ah, just give that a wash with water please.
00:34:23Okay. We've got quite a mess here now to clean up. It's a bit messier than I had anticipated.
00:34:29Could you start packing up now please because we'll need to leave a little bit longer than we normally do. Okay. Put the tiles back where you got them from. Ah, Arnold.
00:34:44Where do these go?
00:34:46It's not mud pie making.
00:34:47Where do these go?
00:34:48The hand lenses go in the ah, //box over there I think.
00:34:50//Mr. Brown.
00:34:53Oh that's good. Yeah. Put that in your book please. Good, Jack.
00:34:58So do we stick this //in our book?
00:34:59//Just put your hand lower down in the sink ah , Dave.
00:35:01Do we stick this in our book?
00:35:03Well I was hoping you would have actually cut them out and then put them in your book.
00:35:05I did cut them out.
00:35:06Yeah. If you do that.
00:35:07Mine's in my book.
00:35:14Can I have the white powder?
00:35:19Ah, start packing up. Start cutting out the prints. Make sure they're in your book please. Jerry. //Are you right?
00:35:27//(I've got to go and get my print).
00:35:38All right. Who was working over here?
00:35:49Adam. Who was working with you?
00:35:52Chuck and Bob.
00:35:53Yeah. Will you guys just clean up that area for me please.
00:35:55Look at that Mr. Brown.
00:35:56That's good. How'd you do it?
00:36:00Nah I did- I put on a- I put it on a glass with white powder.
00:36:03Did you? On glass with white powder.
00:36:05Then I blew it.
00:36:07Rather than brush it.
00:36:10Ah, smart, see. You guys are much smarter than me.
00:36:13Because that's what they do in the movies, they blow it, they go.
00:36:15Do they really.
00:36:19See T.V. really pays off Mr. Brown.
00:36:22That investment your parents have made into a television set has ah- been worthwhile has it?
00:36:25Mr. Brown, do we get to see this?
00:36:30I don't know. I haven't asked that question. I'll ask that question for you later. Okay. Right. Adam.
00:36:38Oh, Chuck, will you go and just pack up over there please. Okay. Right. Arnold, Samuel, are you-
00:36:51Oh, fantastic.
00:36:53They're good aren't they. You actually did them very well there. They're the clearest set I've seen. They're all clear because they're not too heavy.
00:37:00(inaudible) that one.
00:37:01Yeah, that's true.
00:37:02Where's the black paper, Mr. Brown?
00:37:04I did this one (inaudible).
00:37:05Where's the black paper?
00:37:06Ah, should be in there. The black paper's in there. Um. Who was working over here?
00:37:14That must have been us.
00:37:16Well, you guys ah clean it up please. Walt, James. You guys clean it up please.
00:37:30Who was working there?
00:37:32Um, Samuel and Adam.
00:37:33Okay, fine.
00:37:34This stuff isn't ours.
00:37:35Well whose, whose is it do you know?
00:37:36Karen and Annie's.
00:37:40Annie, where were you guys working?
00:37:45Did you move up the back there?
00:37:48Yes, she did.
00:37:52Language, thank you.
00:37:54You know you don't talk like that.
00:37:56Well clean it up.
00:37:57No, Karen can clean up her own mess.
00:38:08Hey, Walter. Let's not worry about it. Just tidy up what you can please.
00:38:35Ah, Liam, will you just grab that er, stamp pad please and just pop it on the trolley. Thank you.
00:38:43Woop, woop, woop, woop, woop.
00:39:12(inaudible) questions, Mr. Brown?
00:39:16Do you have some questions?
00:39:17Ah, yes, the questions are in the- it's written the board there. Questions one to four on page 15. Questions one and two on page 16.
00:39:25(There's five minutes left).
00:39:27Yeah. That's all right.
00:39:28Oh, okay, yes, yes.
00:39:33Annie. Can you guys just er, tidy up this please? Just pop them-
00:39:38Can Karen help me?
00:39:39Yeah, Karen can help you. Um.
00:39:45Do you want us to put it all away?
00:39:46Well I'll put most of it away. Just put the hand lenses in there please.
00:39:58I think they just go on the bench trolley there.
00:40:04A couple more hand lenses there. Thanks, Karen.
00:40:15Tony. Come on.
00:40:18What page?
00:40:18In your book please. Get your book set up. I'd really like you getting organised ah, Tony. Ah, page 14, 15, and page 16.
00:40:31You make sure you get that in your book please ah. We really need to get your book work organised.
00:40:35Okay, where's your book. Open it up and show me what you've done please.
00:40:39Thanks Annie, thanks Karen. Have you guys got your books in order?
00:40:44Fully under control, okay.
00:40:49Okay. So Gary.
00:40:54Just er, tape it in now. There's some sticky tape here, Gary.
00:41:01There's sticky tape here if you need to get it in your er, your books.
00:41:05Oh that hand lens can go, Larry.
00:41:14Ah, Arnold.
00:41:16Come here please.
00:41:23Do you mind er cleaning down where you were working please.
00:41:29Okay. That looks good, (inaudible). Great. Okay, what about these ones?
00:41:33Ah, yeah (inaudible).
00:41:34Okay, start doing that.
00:41:36Mr. Brown, are we going to write about it?
00:41:38Ah, no, I just really would like you now to have the evidence in your books.
00:41:42That's the fingerprints along with page- the questions one to four on page 15 and questions one and two on page 16.
00:42:00How are you going, Jerry- ah Jerry they're not in your book yet.
00:42:03No, I'm just cutting it out.
00:42:04Oh, okay, fine.
00:42:07You've only got another couple of minutes, so really ah, you need to get moving on that.
00:42:13I can't tell if they're the same or different.
00:42:16Which one, in which way sorry?
00:42:17Well, question one it says are the surface (inaudible) the same. I can't see them.
00:42:24Look at them with a hand lens. I mean, the idea should be that- that, there should be some com- something in common with them. //But in fact no, they'll all be different.
00:42:32//They're all swirly.
00:42:34Yeah, exactly. Right. Some people have whirls and swirls and some have arches. Okay, and that might be common. But, the actual individual prints should be different.
00:42:42So mine are different? All of them are the same aren't they? Basically the same.
00:42:48Are they?
00:42:50I can't see (inaudible).
00:42:51Well have a look at them through the micro- I don't think they're all the same.
00:42:54Mr. Brown.
00:42:58When it says are any of your fingerprints the same, does that mean you and someone else?
00:43:02Yeah, someone- you and someone else.
00:43:05But I'm sure you know the answer to that because we can use fingerprints for identification.
00:43:09So do they mean, so question one (inaudible)-
00:43:12Well, if all p- if other people's fingerprints were going to be the-
00:43:15Oh, so it's not just- just yours.
00:43:16No, not yours. It's yours with other people's.
00:43:18So we're comparing.
00:43:19You're comparing, Veronica, yes.
00:43:23Allison, you're frowning.
00:43:26We didn't compare to other people's?
00:43:27Well just have a look now, have a look at Ron's.
00:43:35Okay, time flies when you're having a good time, doesn't it. Um-
00:43:39No. Okay. Ah, could you please pack your books up. Make sure you put your chairs in and you go to your humanities class. Whose scissors?
00:43:47We don't have humanities next.
00:43:48Don't you?
00:43:51I think you do.