We collected five science lessons from each of the five countries that participated in the TIMSS 1999 Video Study.

Choose a country from the menu at the right. No individual lesson can capture all typical features of teaching in a country. However, the five public release lessons as a collection illustrate many typical features.

This collection of lessons was videotaped for the specific purpose of education research. Therefore, the videotaping technique used was designed to minimize classroom disruption, and editing of the lessons was minimal. Students' names, although audible in the video footage, have been transcribed with pseudonyms in the text. The teachers filmed in this set of lessons volunteered to have their lessons included in the TIMSS 1999 Video Study Public Release collection. Their significant contribution to the field of education should be acknowledged with appropriate respect.

The lesson data, including the video footage, should be used for teacher professional development and education research purposes only.

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